“Experiential madness! [The Piece] was the most memorable and extraordinary experience at Edinburgh Fringe 2018…with reactions ranging from full-on cracking up to nervous laughter to head-scratching. It’s definitely not one you’ll forget in a hurry.”

- The Wee Review (Awarded The Piece (dir. Geoff Grimwood) “Best EdFringe Experience” 2018)

“Bizarre…As one audience member asked…”What the Hell [is this]?”

- New York Theater Wire

"The Piece is different than anything I have ever seen. More like a rollercoaster than a solo show, The Piece is a comedy show inasmuch as it inspires an emotional experience so complicated, the only thing to do is laugh. This thing is approaching comedy from a wildly different angle than other comedians. You may not fully understand what has happened, but you will be laughing with your whole, freaked out, body."

- Kevin Laibson (Peoples Improv Theater AD'14-'16)

“The Piece is changing the game.”

- Ed Larson (Netflix’s The Characters & Comedy Central’s Roast Battle)

"It's genuinely upsetting, which is what you want out of a comedy club solo show."

-Tom Brennan (former editor at Marvel Comics)

“Brilliant, baffling, hilarious, and some of the best audience care in a clowning show I’ve ever seen. If you’re looking for an experience like nothing else check it out.”

-Peter Antonio (Psychic comedian, Is Your Mind Safe?)

"It's like a delightful nightmare that you wish would never end. It's an experience I will absolutely remember on my deathbed."

-Jenn Welch (Creek & The Cave’s “The Half-Hour Hour”)


"While being utterly hilarious...The Piece is at the same time scary, uncomfortable, mind-altering, and brilliant.”

-Christopher Barnes (Unauthorized! The Musical)

“Holy s**t, Rich Templeton has devised a doozy of a politically charged, hilarious, thrilling piece of a performance piece in The Piece. Rich masterfully controls the audience...into a frenzy of nervous, excited laughter that grows and grows. Do yourself a favor and see this terrifying/joyous funhouse ride.”

- Peter Michael Marino (Show Up & Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

“You don't see "The Piece” - you experience it. I laughed, I cried, I was confused, and I had no idea why I felt any of those things. See this show.”

-Will Neville (Memphis Comedy Festival)

“Best late night show at the Fringe…absurdist genius”

-Katherine O’Donnell (former night editor, The Times, Scotland)

“The Piece was definitely the deepest, most meaningful experience I've had...nah, it wasn't, it was just FUNNY and better than most performance art I've ever seen.”

-Lucia Cox (director, Ladybones; Edinburgh Fringe)


“The Piece is EASILY the best show I have been to at The Fringe. If you haven't seen it yet, you SHOULD. Made my day, week, month better. Cannot talk about it enough, it was so unique, so good. Trying to get over it but can't, so might pop in again till the end of the Festival!! The slam poetry, the ambience, the act in itself, and especially the 'gift' at the end- MIND=BLOWN. MORE SHOWS LIKE THIS MUST EXIST.”

-Sharmishtha (University of Edinburgh undergrad)

“This is a show unlike any other I have seen. It is both an exercise in Dali-ean surreal performance art and anti-comedy with mixed in political satire. Different people in the audience react different and hence themselves become part of "The Piece". Highly recommend to seeing it, and more importantly becoming part of it.”

-Timo, PhD (German computer scientist)

“I’ve rarely seen an audience bond over their collective laughter and bafflement at a show like this one. I mean, the crowd was literally screaming with laughter. Rich is a brilliant, bold, risk-taking performer who is keenly aware of everything happening in the darkened room and I felt very much taken care of. THIS SHOW IS WHAT FRINGE IS ALL ABOUT. Get there early as several punters were turned away. Funny stuff happening in the Counting House Attic. Don’t miss it.”

-Michael Peterson (Edfringe audience review)

“THIS. WAS. BRILLIANT. I went with six of my friends last night, it was our first show of Edinburgh Fringe 2018 and we LOVED it! Whilst we remain completely baffled by some of the hilarious content, the show left us entertained for the whole night. The artist judged the room perfectly and there was not one boring moment. Would recommend to anybody and everybody.”

-Flynn (University of Edinburgh grad student)

“My fiancee couldn't find the words to describe the show to me, but said her sides hurt from laughing so much.”

- Brian (Karen’s fiancee)

“As one audience member blurted out, ‘It’s like when you’re on an ayahuasca trip, but your guru is on cocaine.’ My friends and I went three times [in 2018] and did the same [in 2019]. Nothing else like it.”

- Steven

“I came here expecting absurdist sketch comedy, not challenging performance art.”

-Kendall (London)

“This was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.”

-Rob Gardner (???????)